1775, Jawaharlal Nehru Inner Ring Road,
Anna Nagar West Extn., Chennai 600101
Phone No. 26159000 Fax No. 26155282
C. No. I/22/11/2010-PR





The Large Taxpayer Unit, Chennai invites sealed offers from reputed, registered firms / companies engaged in the business of housekeeping to provide housekeeping services viz., cleaning of rooms, corridors, toilets, glass doors, windows, curtains, computer peripherals, telephone instruments, compactors etc. on monthly basis for its Office located at 1775, Jawaharlal Nehru Inner Ring Road, Anna Nagar Western Extn., Chennai 600101 for a period of one year from the date of award of contract. 

2.         The tender form in the proforma prescribed in Annexure-I enclosed, complete in all respects should be submitted to the Deputy Commissioner, LTU Chennai, 1775, Jawaharlal Nehru Inner Ring Road, Anna Nagar Western Extn., Chennai 600101 by 16.00 hrs on 10th June 2010. The sealed covers are to be superscribed ‘Bid for Provision of Housekeeping Services’. The tenders will be opened at 16.30 hrs on 10th June 2010 by the undersigned in the presence of tenderers who wish to be present. 

3.         The tenderer shall sign and stamp each page of the tender document as a token of having read and understood the terms and conditions contained therein and submit the same along with the bid.  The tenderer shall fill up the information in Annexure I in clear and legible terms. Necessary documents of proof should be attached. Prices wherever quoted should be written both in figures and words.  The Annexures shall be signed and stamped by the firm as mentioned above.

4.         Tenders will not be accepted after the time and date fixed for the receipt of tenders. 

5.         The inspection of the premises can be made between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. on 07/06/2010  and 08/06/2010.



               LTU Chennai has a built up area of 34,000 sq.ft. spread over four floors, an open terrace, a vehicle parking lot and other open areas, all enclosed within a  compound wall. The work of housekeeping involves:

a.              Sweeping and wet mopping of office floor area including rooms, cabins,

            workstations, corridors, staircases and other common utility areas.

b.               Sweeping of open areas and parking area.

c.               Dusting and cleaning of office furniture like tables, chairs, cupboards etc.,

            office equipments like photocopiers, computers, compactors, fax machines


d.               Cleaning of carpets, sofa sets and curtains/blinds with vacuum cleaner.

e.               Dusting of wooden panels in the premises..

f.               Keeping the toilets, wash basins etc clean & hygienic at all times.

g.              Cleaning of pantries, water dispensers, crockeries & cutleries etc. as


h.              Shifting of furniture & records & their re-arrangement as & when


i.               Movement of files/records within the office premises.

j.              Watering the plants in the premises.

k.              Maintenance of kitchen & dining hall including washing vessels &


l.               Cleaning of dustbins, collecting waste & deporting them to the dumping

            point set up by the Corporation of Chennai.

m.             Dusting of ceiling, walls, partitions, glass doors, windows, grills etc.

n.             Cleaning of electrical fittings and fixtures.

o.              Care should be taken that the gadgets/equipments are not tampered with

            during the cleaning operation.

p.              Such other cleaning or other work that may be entrusted from time to time

            by the Officers concerned of the LTU.

q.              Cleaning of outside panels up to 12 feet from ground level.

r.               Weekly selective intensive cleaning on floor by floor basis using modern


The Housekeeping agency shall also supply good quality cleaning materials and consumables as per list at Annexure-II. The materials & consumables required for a month shall be stored in the LTU office in the area provided for the purpose. These shall be of the standards specified & shall be verified by the officers concerned of the LTU before storing.





Deputy Commissioner, LTU

Place : Chennai

Date : 26 /05/2010



1.         Name of the Registered Firm / Company           : 

2.         Address of the company

            (with Tel No., Fax & E-mail)                           : 

3.         Status of Ownership

            (Proprietory / Partnership / Company -

             attach proof) 

4.         Name & Address of the Partners / Directors

            (With Mobile No.)                                            : 

5.         Contact Person(s) (with mobile number)            : 

6.         Date of establishment of the firm/company         :


7.         List of clientele along with certificate of

            appreciation from at least two important

            clients                                                               : 

8.         PAN No.                                                         : 

9.         Service Tax Registration No.                             : 

10.       Amount of Service Tax paid during the

            financial year 2009-10 (Attach proof)   : 

11.       No. of persons employed                                  : 

12.       Annual Turnover for three years.

              (Attach Balance sheets) 


13.       Details of Registration with PF authorities

            and ESI authorities (attach proof)                      :  

14.       Details of EMD                                                : 



            I/we hereby certify that the information furnished above is full and correct to the best of my / our knowledge.  I/we understand that in case any deviation is found in the above statement at any stage, the company/firm will be blacklisted and will not have any dealing with the Department in future. 

(Signature of Authorized Signatory with date)



(Exclusive of Service Tax)           


(Signature of the Authorized Signatory with date) 




Annexure - II 



Housekeeping Materials/Consumables 

1.                                          Soft Brooms                                      

2.                                          Coconut brooms                                          

3.                                          Cobweb Sticks                                             

4.                                          Dusters                                                         

5.                                          Mop Sticks                                       

6.                                          Buckets (for mopping)                               

7.                                          Mugs                                                 

8.                                          Toilet Cleaner (Harpic or equivalent)

9.                                          Floor Cleaner (Lizol or equivalent)         

10.                                      Toilet Freshners (Odonil or equivalent)

11.                                      Urinal Cakes                                    

12.                                      Cleaning Powder (Vim or equivalent)

13.                                      Phenyl (Good quality)

14.                                      Hand Wash Liquid (Perfumed)    

15.                                      Toilet cleaning brush                                 

16.                                      Cleaning cloth

17.                                      Cleaning/dusting cloth (for tables)         

18.                                      Glass Cloth                                       

19.                                      Water wipers (Toilet)                                             

20.                                      Dust bins (Toilets)                          

21.                                      Garbage Bins                                               

22.                                      Room Spray (Air Freshner)

23.                                      Insect/mosquito repellant spray

24.                                      Garbage bags                                   

25.                                      Scrubbing pads (Scotchbrite or equivalent)

26.                                      Steel Scrubbers

27.                                      Naphthalene Balls              

28.                                      Glass Cleaner (Colin or equivalent)

29.                                      Any other cleaning material that may be required

30.                                      Cleaning equipments/machinery as required







The Housekeeping agency shall be considered for award of contract only if it agrees to abide by the following terms & conditions: 


                               i. The Housekeeping agency should be registered with Service Tax & should have paid Service Tax of at least Rs.7 Lakhs in the financial year 2009-10. Documentary evidence in this regard shall be provided. 

                              ii. The Agency must have a minimum experience of two years in providing Housekeeping services to Government organizations, other large Public Sector offices or large corporate offices.  Copies of Agreement / Work Order from clients shall be provided as documentary evidence. 

                            iii. The agency must be registered under the Provident Fund Act, ESI Act etc; Copy of the registration papers along with code numbers attached to the Agency/Company shall be provided. 

3. EARNEST MONEY DEPOSIT : Earnest Money Deposit of Rs.20,000/- (Rupees Twenty thousand only) per application in the form of Demand Draft / Banker's Cheque of Scheduled Bank drawn in favour of the “Pay and Accounts Officer, Central Excise, Chennai” should accompany the tender.  Tenders received without Earnest Money Deposit will be rejected.  EMD will be forfeited in case the eligible tenderer withdraws during the tender selection process

4. The agreement will be in force for a period of one year from the date of award of contract. This Office reserves the right to extend the duration of the contract for a further period of 12 months subject to satisfactory performance and on mutually agreed terms and conditions. 

5. Conditional tenders, late tenders, tenders incomplete or not meeting all the tender conditions specified herein will be rejected.

 6. This office reserves the right to accept or reject any tender in part or full or without assigning any reasons thereof. 

7. Performance Guarantee: The successful tenderer shall submit a Performance Guarantee either by way of Fixed Deposit or Bank Guarantee Receipt @ 5% of the value of contract within three days from the day of obtaining the contract. It will remain valid for a period of sixty days beyond the date of completion of all contractual obligations. No interest will be paid on this deposit. 

8. The personnel to be deployed should be well experienced and trained adequately to handle any type of cleaning/ housekeeping and other work entrusted to them by this Office. The agency shall ensure that the work undertaken by its personnel is carried out efficiently and to the satisfaction of this Office. 

9. If the quality of Housekeeping is found to be not satisfactory, a penalty of Rs. 0.20 per Sq. ft/per day for the affected area shall be imposed by the LTU. The decision of the designated officer of LTU for this purpose shall be final and binding. 

10. The personnel to be deployed should have sound health, good hygiene, be able bodied and have experience in cleaning / housekeeping. They shall ensure that they present themselves clean and tidy. The personnel to be deployed should have knowledge of local language and preferably English also.

11. The housekeeping personnel should be provided with uniforms & identity cards prominently displayed. 

12. The entire premises should be kept clean & tidy by 9.00 AM on all working days. The housekeeping personnel shall attend to work punctually at the prefixed / determined timings and shall be well-behaved and well-mannered. The personnel shall report to the Officer-in-charge assigned by this office. The personnel employed should work on all days except Sundays and National Holidays. 

13. The housekeeping personnel shall be subject to the entry and exit procedures as may be determined by this office from time to time. Close liaison shall be maintained with the Officers concerned for smooth and efficient performance of duties by the housekeepers. 

14. The Agency should be registered under the ESI & Provident Fund Acts and other relevant statutory enactments relating to the employment of labour. 

15. The wages paid to the Housekeeping personnel should strictly adhere to the Minimum Wages Act, 1940 and Contract Labour (R & A) Act, 1970. Licence from Labour Department as per section 12 of Contract Labour (R& A) Act, 1970 should be obtained for the contract work within 7 days of award of contract. 

16. The agency should ensure that there is no scope for any grievance from the personnel on delayed payment of wages. The employees engaged by the Housekeeping agency will be in the employment of the Housekeeping Agency only and not of the LTU. 

17. Mode of payment will be monthly and payments to the Housekeeping Agency will be through Account Payee cheques only. Tax shall be deducted at source as per the Income Tax Act from the monthly bills. 

18. The agency shall indemnify and shall keep this Office indemnified against acts of omission or negligence, dishonesty or misconduct of the men/women engaged for the work and this Office shall not be liable to pay any damages or compensation to such person or to third party. All damages caused by the housekeeping personnel shall be charged to the agency and recovered from its dues / bills. 

19. In case the agency withdraws or the department terminates the contract for violation of terms and conditions and / or deficiency in services during the period of contract, the additional expenses in hiring a new contractor on temporary arrangement till the time of appointing a regular contractor through a similar tender process, shall be adjusted against performance guarantee provided by the successful bidder. 

20. This office reserves the right to terminate the services of the Housekeeping agency at anytime without giving any notice whatsoever. 

21. All existing statutory regulations of both State & Central governments shall be adhered to & complied with by the Housekeeping agency and all records maintained thereof should be available for scrutiny by this Office. The Housekeeping Agency shall strictly comply with the terms and conditions of the agreement which will be executed with the successful tenderer. Failure by the agency to comply with such statutory requirements and / or the terms of the agreement during the period of agreement or deficiency in services shall result in termination of the contract. 

22. Any dispute arising out of this agreement or that which may arise in future, shall be resolved by taking recourse to mutual settlement, failing which the dispute will be subject to Chennai jurisdiction only. The LTU Chennai is entitled to withhold payments due to the Housekeeping Agency in case of any dispute, till it is resolved.



                                                                Deputy Commissioner
                                                                                      LTU Chennai

Place : Chennai

Date : 26 /05/2010